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How to Buy the Right Smartphone for Your Needs

Smartphones have become the most popular camera in the world because it is always there with you, easy to use and allows you capture and share photos in a short time

Smartphone camera is much more than a smartphone camera and photo quality is now better. Flagship smartphone is not necessarily capable of producing stunning images, depending on how far you can apply the principles of photography.

Photographic skills takes practice, even when using sophisticated smartphone camera. If you are interested in improving photography skills using a smartphone, here are some easy tips for you.

HDR mode

Use mode HDR (high dynamic range) are generally available on camera smartphones when trying to take a picture in bright and dark areas in a single frame. This mode helps balance drawn on lighting discharge, so that the light is not too bright and not too dark shadow so that no detail is missed.

Focus Images

Object fitting then focuses the camera on the main object and the background, can sometimes make the resulting image is much better when compared to the only position the camera in the background and then expects to produce the best images. After photographing, smartphone lets you re-focusing so you can experiment to get the best photo.

Quick launch

Access the camera on the smartphone before you can take pictures sometimes rather complicated and long. Placing the camera on a fast sled is able to save time, for example when your smartphone is locked. Some smartphone provides a different way to overcome this weakness and skating fast (quick launch) allows you to take pictures when needed immediately.

Camera button

Another tip is to use the volume keys or the dedicated camera button on your smartphone to take pictures with the landscape mode. This makes your hand steady when taking a picture than to touch the buttons on the screen. If your smartphone does not have a dedicated camera button, check the settings to see if you can use the volume buttons as a photographer button. If there are no cameras applied to you, provided a number of third party applications that allow you to do that.


Photography is also known as light painting activities. Without light there is no photography, so it's important to learn how to maximize the available lighting. There are times that are very valuable and important to take a photo. The period shortly after sunrise and before sunset. This is when the natural lighting that is ideal for taking landscape photos, since daylight tends to be less than perfect landscape photo. Foggy conditions or when the sky is overcast basically not good for photography, yet you still can get a cool picture.

Foggy conditions ideal for portrait photos because there are no shadows or strong light. Fog able to add a little mystery to the image, such as when you take a picture of a small settlement at open space  A slight haze around settlement makes it look mysterious and gives a bit of charm to the image. The point is to make the most of existing lighting conditions is not giving up on the state of nature.


Look around for all  smartphone-Photography  around and you will find at least one good spot waiting to be photographed. The hard part is to prepare the frame and there are some basic rules to do that, one rule of thirds. Most smartphone cameras have a grid view and once activated you will see a screen has four lines that divide the frame into nine equal parts. The rule of thirds emphasized that the subject must be on one line, there should be where these lines intersect. It's not a rule that you should always follow, but if you're a beginner enough help in obtaining a better photo.

 Determining moments

Last may be the most crucial basic rules that patience is important and is owned by the photographer. Photographing an event when the precise moment made the difference between a good picture and incredible image. It is important to evoke emotion, surprise and awe through the images that you generate. This can only be done when the photos were taken at the right moment. For example a picture of a street between two walls of the house was unusual, but if a child then peeking out from behind one of the walls would make the picture more vivid.

So, continue to capture and produce amazing photos to share with everyone using smartphones.