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Easy Way To Fix Region Issue : Office 365 Key Problem

When you buy your original office key and you got this msg while activating your key :

sorry, we can't use this product key because your current subscription was set up in another country/region. Just Hang on to your product key until then our contact support

It means you got screw, you need to activated with IP address with exact location you bought that key

however with simple trick you can manage to activate with no time

download free VPN, you need to change your ip address for temporary and make it you from US for little while, Download they give you 1 month free subscription without credit card info needed.

 you need to turn VPN On

and try to activate your key as ussual

and YES!!! succedd!!

Hidden feature in WhatsApp

Who would have thought, an instant messaging application WhatsApp turned out to have some features that hidden? Although the so-called hidden, in fact, this feature can be accessible to anyone if you know how.

Users can use it to facilitate a variety of things, such as maintaining the privacy, reduce data consumption, up to save conversations into text form.

As reported by kevintjuana from NewFoxy, Monday (05/30/2016), the following 8 of some hidden feature in WhatsApp.

1. Hiding "Last Seen."

WhatsApp allow users to see each other online last time respectively. But if this is considered intrusive, you can hide the sign "last seen" it.

How, select the Settings menu, then select Accounts and the Privacy tab. You will find a bar that read "Last Seen." Choose the tab; it will display the other options in the pop-up.

You just want Rush so that everyone could see the "Last Seen" The select My Contact so that only people in the book that could see the contact, or select Nobody so that no one else could see the information.

2. Backup conversation

You can back up the data so that when changing phone conversation, all older conversations can be restored. Way too easy.

On the menu Settings or Settings, look for the tab labeled Chat and Chat Backup. It contains the configuration for storing backup conversation data into Google Drive.

Simply by entering your Gmail account, and set the application automatically perform backups for a specified duration. Furthermore, all will run automatically.

3. Keep the conversation in text form

WhatsApp users can store their conversations into text form. This is useful if you are a neat and happy to store various archives conversations.

The trick, open the chat tab you want to store in text form. Tap the three dots on the right, proceed to the selection bar and touch More Email Chat.

Next, you can choose whether to include a variety of media in a conversation or text only.
After selecting the email will appear to transmit the conversation.

4. Block contact

Often receive spam messages from an unknown person? Block only. WhatsApp is providing these features and can be accessed quickly.

The trick, open conversations with the person you want to block. Tap three-dot menu in the top right and select the More tab. You'll find a large selection of Block from the menu that appears. Tap it, and blocking completed.

5. Stop the automatic download

Usually, a variety of photos and media that sent through WhatsApp will be automatically downloaded.
This result much power consumption, as well as spend data packets.

You change the settings so that all media are acceptable numbers do not automatically downloads your WhatsApp.

How, go to the Settings menu, and select Data Usage. In it, there is a tab labeled Media Auto Download that contains the settings for the automatic download.

There are three tabs, namely When using mobile data When connected on WiFi, or When roaming. On each tab can have any media that will be downloaded automatically or not downloaded at all.

6. Asterisks

You can give the star on every conversation in WhatsApp. This sign is useful to keep track of relevant information, such as home address or phone number.

How, select the message you want to tag, touch and hold for a few seconds. Will appear on the header asterisk WhatsApp, right next to the icon "delete". Choose the star sign.

When you want to view the messages that have marked with an asterisk, you just tap the three-dot menu at the upper right corner. Next, select the tab labeled "Starred messages".

7. Hide the sign read

Any messages sent and read will be marked with a blue check. If you do not want the other person to know the status of the message has read,  you can change it.

Go to the menu Settings, then Accounts and Privacy. In it, precisely at the bottom, you'll find a tab marked Read Receipts. Uncheck the blade to deactivate.

8. Bold and italic

WhatsApp is now able to display the letters in bold (bold), oblique (italic), and strikethrough (strike through). You can do this by entering a special code before and after the word you want to be formatted.

To be thick, use an asterisk (*) in the * word you want *.
If you want to make it slant, use an underscore (_) between _kata the diinginkan_, and if you want to make a sentence crossed out (strikethrough), use a ~ in the desired word ~ ​​~.